Allergen-Free Wedding Anyone?

Adam and I spent the weekend in Baltimore getting a little sunburn and attending Artscape, which is basically a free arts, crafts, music, etc.. fair Baltimore has been putting on since — get this — 1982!  You know you’re a GREAT event planner when you can host the same event for almost 30 years and get over 350,000 people to come in the 90 degree sweltering heat!

Basically we took in the atmosphere, saw a few bands, and drooled over the amazing crafts while eating wayyyyyy too many French fries and even a GIANT turkey leg (I know, I know.. I technically don’t eat meat anymore, but I was starving and it sure is hard to find GF food at an arts fest full of Crab Cakes, hot dogs, and fried food).

This morning we jetted home super early so I could make a brunch date and what should arrive in our mailbox, but…

Bridal Guide Allergen Free Wedding Anyone?

Yeah… is someone trying to tell me something here or WHAT?  Adam has full belief that I ordered this magazine as a hint to him, but I swear I haven’t and I wouldn’t (well, unless I really was engaged).

Even so, it’s a free magazine that’s arrived addressed to me and nothing was going to stop me from perusing through the magazine to get a little bit of inspiration for some allergen free party products I’m going to be putting together (stay tuned).

Which got me to thinking… if and when I do ever get married, how the HELL am I ever going to have a fun and exciting reception full of allergen free food that actually tastes good?!  Sure it can look good, but it’s still got to taste like the real thing.  And I can probably bet everything I have that there are many women in the same shoes that I am.

In a perfect world, I’d just make the food, but knowing that’s impossible (I can’t cook for that many people AND look good all in one day) there has to be another option!  A quick Google search to find an Allergen Free Caterer just now pulls up zip, zilch, nada.

And this is exactly why I’ve started my site!  Because there needs to be more people out there catering to those of us with allergies at a REASONABLE price.  I’m sure I could find a gluten free cake decorator, but am I going to find one that doesn’t charge me double the price of a normal cake?  I don’t think so!

Could I find a cake decorator or caterer who would agree to make their food allergen free?  I’m sure I could.  Would I trust them?  HELL NO!

And here’s why…

A few months ago I met a caterer / baker at an event I was at here in the city and I was asking her if she ever made gluten free cupcakes.  And she tells me, “Oh I could do anything.. I could make gluten free.”  And I’m happy and excited and already planning the next party I have, until the conversation continues…  So I’m talking to her a little more about it and in the middle of the conversation, (mind you this was after she told me she could make gluten free cupcakes), she stops me to say, “So wait I don’t use flour if they’re gluten free?  What can I use?”

SERIOUSLY?!?!!  Why don’t I just give you the recipe and stand there and watch you make them!

That business card went right in the trash.

So I know there’s something that needs to be done for all women (and men) out there not only who want to throw a banging allergen free wedding, but who want to host allergen free parties, 1. without them being overly priced and 2. without guests even realizing the food is allergen free – meaning, no gross aftertaste! 3. without having to worry that the food they paid for was cross contaminated and they’ll be sick for weeks, or even months, afterwards.

I’m working on a ton of stuff, but here’s where I also need your help.  I need you to please answer the quick 3 questions below (it will seriously take you less than a minute) so I can make sure I’m on the right track to making allergen free parties the way you want and need them! —> Click here to take survey

That’s all I got for now.  Coming up soon a few friends and I are having a small beach get-together this weekend so I’m sure I’ll post a few helpful hints, tips, tricks, and photos to spark your creative juices (even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body).  Coming up also very soon I’m going to be posting some helpful videos and how-to’s.



kiss Allergen Free Wedding Anyone?



p.s.  Don’t forget to share the love below AND post a comment letting me know what irks you about allergen free living!

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