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gluten free roast turkey Allergy Free Holiday Turkey ListGetting sick from food allergies around the holidays is no cup of tea. Well, getting sick at any time isn’t fun, but the holidays get even worse.

People are trying to stuff you full of food that you have no idea the ingredients or what they put in their food and it’s basically a waiting game for someone like me with gluten and soy allergies.

I know a lot of times I tell you that if you have an allergy you should simply alert people before you attend their function, but really, sometimes that is NOT enough.

Take this past Thanksgiving for example (where I will try as hard as I can not to get super angry and pissed as I write this…). My uncle’s girlfriend decided to take it upon herself to make dinner. Of course, I was super weary because I need to be able to check the labels on EVERYTHING and my mom normally reads them word for word to me while she’s in the grocery store.

But this year, how was I going to do that?

Instead, my mom gave her a list of foods I couldn’t eat along with things I was allergic to. Trying to be helpful, she went out and bought all these gluten free pretzels and crackers that I would be able to eat.

I guess, forgetting to look to see if they were soy free too. Or just thinking that allergies must not be that bad..

My mom went over the foods with her more than once.. telling her I CANNOT at all have any soy. While my mom was on the phone with her, she apparently said she checked all packages.

Well, Thanksgiving came and I decided, against my better judgement, to eat the pretzels and crackers because I didn’t want to be rude and force her to give me the packaging to check it over. My uncle’s girlfriend also tried to feed  me dip which I KNEW had to have soy in it and her response was, “Well, its the last ingredient so it doesn’t have that much in it.”

NO NO NO!!!! AND FINALLY, NOOO!!! It was then I started to heavily doubt her sanity.

And guess what I found out an hour into dinner… all of the pretzels and crackers had soy in them. Every single package. I was fuming. Absolutely fuming.And they didn’t just have soy hidden in them. In big bold letters underneath the ingredients it said, “CONTAINS SOY.”

I don’t understand how someone could tell you 1000 times and they still don’t listen.

And then this is the response I got when I told her it had soy and I couldn’t eat it and I’d probably get sick one of the days following, “Well then since you already ate soy and you’ll be sick you might as well have a piece of pie.”

I think that if there is a God he must have come down from heaven right at that point in time and held me back from punching this woman in the face and screaming at the top of my lungs while running around the house knocking over all the pies (that probably didn’t even taste good).

And that is why it’s impossible to trust anyone but yourself with safe foods. And also why I’ve pulled together a list of companies that make allergy free turkeys and ham… the most popular food to eat around the holidays.

Today I’m sharing my turkey list and then next week or later this week I’m going to be posting my ham list. 

Now.. huge  note… make sure you find out if you are going somewhere if the cook has put any additional seasonings, gravies, etc.. on their turkey or ham because though the meat may be allergy free, the basting may not.

Also, most of the companies I found only listed if their meats were gluten free, which is probably the most likely allergen to be in the meats (while other allergens, especially soy and dairy, are more likely to be in gravies and seasoning packets), which is why most of the things I talk about below relate to gluten.



From the Butterball website as of this exact moment (12/6/11 @ 12:49pm EST):

“Butterball product labels let consumers know whether any of the top eight allergens may be present in the product. For example, a label may read “contains wheat and dairy.” Specifically, gluten is not present naturally in turkey.”

“Only two of our retail products currently contain gluten:

  • Butterball® Frozen Italian Style Meatballs
  • Butterball® Frozen Stuffed Turkey.

“Our gravy has been reformulated to eliminate gluten, but certain gravy packets may still contain gluten; it will be listed on the ingredient statement. Give us a call or use the contact us form if you’d like to check on a specific product.”

I also found for those of you living in Canada:

Fresh Butterball turkeys marketed by P&H Foods in Canada contain milk and soy ingredients. Frozen Butterball Turkeys, excluding Butterball pre-stuffed frozen turkeys (stuffing ingredients contain milk, soy and wheat ingredients) are allergen free. Allergens are listed on the packaging as per Canadian labeling regulations. Immediately following the list of ingredients there is and “ALLERGEN ALERT” if the product contains wheat, soy or milk ingredients.”


All products are gluten free except for these products, so stay away if you’re allergic to gluten!!

  • Asian Grill Marinated Turkey Strips
  • Teriyaki Flavor Turkey Breast Tenderloin
  • Frozen Italian Style Meatballs
  • Fresh Italian Style Turkey Meatballs
  • Beer Smoked Turkey Brats


Here’s a list of all their foods that are gluten free. Direct from their website and updated 7/11/11 –>  Gluten Free Hormel Foods


These two turkeys are listed as gluten free. It was hard for me to find if they were free of all allergens, but on the website it says that all turkeys are Natural (yeah, we all know what natural in food labeling means – nothing!) and all labels mention all ingredients.

  • All Natural Fresh Whole Turkey
  • Premium Basted Whole Turkey – Fresh

Just an FYI and for dreaming of summer days, many of their turkey burgers are also gluten free…


I was able to find a gluten free list on their site that lists all of their products that are gluten free –> Kroger’s Gluten Free List


Perdue has a gluten free product list which was updated 6/28/11 –> Gluten Free Perdue Foods


The best I could find on Safeway was this post from Celiac –> Safeway Gluten Free List

Though I also found this information on Safeway’s website which they said (I know it contains info about their other meat products, not just turkey, but it’s also good to know):

“All fresh meats are gluten free naturally. Our hot dogs and bacon are gluten free as we do not add fillers. Most flavors of our gourmet chicken sausages are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.  While most of our products do not contain gluten, we are only making a gluten-free claim on our packaging if it comes from a facility that is “certified gluten free”. Currently, five of our six chicken sausages have “gluten free” certification on their packaging.”

“All fresh meats are dairy/casein-free. Hot dogs and bacon are also dairy/casein-free. Some flavors of sausage are dairy/casein-free, while others contain gourmet cheese.”

“We strongly believe that the flavor of the chickens comes from the feed that they eat. Our feed is made from high quality, nutritionally balanced ingredients. It is composed of approximately 70% corn and corn gluten meal and 15-18% soybean meal, with the balance of the diet made up of salt, vitamins, and minerals. The diet is called a vegetable diet because the protein and energy sources, corn and soybean meal, are all vegetable in origin. NO animal by-products or animal fats are used in the chicken feed.”


All items are free of MSG. They only mention on their site items that DO contain gluten.. all other products are gluten free. As for other allergens, I could not find any mention.

These DO contain gluten:

  • Fresh Italian Style Appetizer Size Turkey Meatballs
  • Fresh Italian Style Turkey Meatballs
  • Frozen Italian Style Turkey Meatballs
  • Fresh Italian Style Family Size Turkey Meatballs
  • Asian Grill Marinated Turkey Strips
  • Teriyaki Flavor Turkey Breast Tenderloins
  • Italian Style Beef Meatballs
  • Sizzling Ginger Sirloin Tri-Tip Beef Roast
  • Rosemary, Garlic & Chardonnay Seasoned Sirloin Tri-Tip Beef Roast
  • Beer Smoked Turkey Brats


Like most other grocery stores, Trader Joe’s has a gluten free product list –> Trader Joes Gluten Free List

Their all-natural turkey gravy is also listed as being gluten free.


Wegmans has an entire PDF list of all the products they manufacture that are gluten free –> Wegmans Gluten Free List

Also, if you ever needed help finding out more about food allergies, Wegmans also has a page on their site dedicated to it along with some great allergy free resources.


As of 10/28/11 Weis said on their website that, “all Weis Quality Fresh and Frozen Turkeys are gluten free.” This is the only information on allergens in their food that I could find on their site.


I’ll let you do this on your own.. Wellshire Farms has a super helpful Allergy Free search you can easily do on their website. Now, not all top 8 allergens are listed here because I believe they only list the allergens that some of their foods may have. But continue to read labels and check it out –> Wellshire Farms Allergen Free Search


Contact your meat department at your community Whole Foods Market for all information regarding meats.

That’s it for the turkeys! Also check out my Holiday Allergy Free and Gluten Free Ham List!

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