{Book Review} Go Dairy Free: A Guide & Cookbook!

godairyfree {Book Review} Go Dairy Free: A Guide & Cookbook!I feel sick. Ugh!

But I’m not sick as in I’m going to be sick all weekend. It’s more like, I ate all the leftover cotton candy from yesterday’s post and my stomach is saying to me, “What the hell were you thinking you idiot?!”

Really, I have no idea what I was thinking… I’ve been working out (I literally just got finished like an hour ago), eating right (like that Kale recipe I gave you earlier this week), doing my Insanity DVDs like I should, but that pink cotton candy was so melt-in-you-mouth-good that I just couldn’t control myself.

It was like I was at a carnival and I couldn’t get enough — as if going to Disney in 13 days isn’t a good enough incentive to want to look good in a bikini by the pool – not to mention all the food I’ll be eating ugh! I’ll make it up to myself (and my stomach) this weekend by eating right! I promise.

Andddd it’s my faaaaaaaavooorrrite day of the week! I’m sure it’s yours too because Fridays are just the best, aren’t they?

This Friday’s pretty rockin’ because I know a lot of you out there have dairy allergies, intolerance, stick to a casein free diet, are vegan, or are just trying to stay away from any dairy products (did I get it all.. if not… sorry)! There are surprisingly not a lot of resources out there for being dairy free when you compare them against the amount of resources available for other allergens.

Oh, there are foods and a speckling of sites and vegan recipes are always great, but if you’re looking for a valuable resource you can have with you at home, one you can just flip through whenever you have a question, or a craving, Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance ,and Casein-Free Living by Alisa Marie Fleming is it!

godairy free thumb {Book Review} Go Dairy Free: A Guide & Cookbook!

Some delicious photos I pulled from the Amazon of the food Alisa has made from her book... Delicious looking, huh??! YUM!

I was going to do a video like I normally do for these book reviews (I know you love to see my pretty post-Insanity workout face — okay, post Insanity, shower, makeup, and after waiting 30min for the bright redness of my face to go away) but this week has been bad…

It’s just one of those weeks where I feel bloated, I get a few pimples, I need a haircut, and nothing seems to be working out right, so I’d rather hide my face from the camera if you don’t mind. icon smile {Book Review} Go Dairy Free: A Guide & Cookbook!

Instead I made a simple bulleted list as to WHY you need this book in your allergy free arsenal.

  • This isn’t just a cookbook. I know, seems weird because most allergy free books are either B-O-R-I-N-G or full of just recipes (which I don’t mind, but keep reading)… this book has a ton of amazingly helpful tips for being – and sticking with – your dairy free diet.
  • Including tips such as safe travel, avoiding cross-contamination, food labeling, eating away from home, reading food labels, kids back to school & celebrations, info about vegan diets, info if you should eat soy, dairy replacements, oh and should I go on? That’s only a sampling.
  • The recipes are mouth watering delish: Cheesy popcorn, Homemade yogurt, Cocoa-Nut Scones, Carrot Cake Salad (wow – I need to stop there because I HAVE to make that tonight)…
  • There’s a recipe and food index in the back of the book that’s simple to read and find out immediately what recipes in the book are free of the top 8 allergens, and gluten .. how often do you find that? Then you don’t have to go through the book searching for recipes you can eat!
  •  Not to mention, Alisa is pretty amazing and in the few times I’ve spoken with her, she’s definitely the type of business owner / author you want to support… actually, all the authors I’ve spoken about so far this year are amazing.. what is it with that? Maybe I should write a book icon smile {Book Review} Go Dairy Free: A Guide & Cookbook!

Add that to the “To Do” List..

Man, I need to stop rambling, it’s Friday and you gotta go kick back with your fam, you friends, loved ones, kids, an allergy free ice cream come…

If you’d like to pick up the book, check it out on Amazon:
Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance ,and Casein-Free Living by Alisa Marie Fleming

To find out more about Alisa and to check out her site, visit: www.godairyfree.org

As always, have a fab weekend and don’t forget to go see The Lorax… And if you’re doing anything fun or making any fun allergy free recipes, let me know below!!

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4 Responses to {Book Review} Go Dairy Free: A Guide & Cookbook!
  1. Stephanie

    I keep looking at this book! But money is never there when I am looking at it! When we found my son to be reacting badly to dairy at 5 months old, godairyfree.org was a HUGE help. It was my first time dealing with any sort of ‘allergry’ or anything of the sort. Thanks for selling me on the book. Time to put it on my mothers day list!!

    • No problem Stephanie! It’s def a great dairy free resource.. def put it on your Mother’s Day list.. what a great gift idea :) Have a great weekend – L.

  2. I love this book and refer to it often. Great recipes and info just like you say. I agree, must have.

    • Definitely! And I think the info in it is SO valuable, whether you’ve had a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance your whole life or you’re just finding out about it… This is really like you’re getting 2 books in one.

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