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Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!


I have some exciting wedding news to update you on! Tomorrow 3 of my 4 bridesmaids will  be here along with my mom and aunt to go WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!!!!!! AHH!! I’m so excited, but a little freaked out at the same time, can’t really decide if it’s really happening and kind of wishing that…

{Recipe Alert} Allergy Free PB&J Morning Smoothie!


There was one thing I TOTALLY missed when I was in Disney… my morning smoothies. I just don’t feel right if I don’t have one! It’s not the same when you’re eating eggs or pancakes or waffles for breakfast (though delicious… doesn’t get my morning started in the same way). Every single week day morning…

{Party & Recipe Tips} Get Your Green on This St. Patty’s Day!


Around St. Patty’s Day here in Philadelphia, there’s a HUGE bar crawl that goes through the city. It starts at like, 9am or something ridiculous and everyone basically gets on one of many school buses that drive from bar to bar, dropping off drunk patrons and then picking them up later. Actually a great idea…

{Recipe Alert} Birthday Bloody Marys


My mom and I have a special tradition on the 23rd of December each year. It’s her birthday and for the past several years we both take off work (I know, I promise this is the ONLY work I’m going to do) and celebrate together. The first year was super memorable. We headed to Longwood…

Sip On This Allergy Free Drink: So Delicious Coconut Milk Has New Holiday Flavors!


I just got this email in my inbox: So Delicious.. the makers of the most amazing dairy-free coconut products I have EVER tasted (if you haven’t had their ice cream yet, get some today), has come out with two new flavors for the holiday. If I could get a Black Friday Special on this, I’d…