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I’m back… and with a GREAT protein-packed fitness tip!


I profusely apologize for being so out of it the past week. I know, I typically have been on my game when it comes to writing posts and creating recipes and all that jazz, but once I got back from Orlando, I don’t know it if was the stress of all the work piled up…

My favorite makeup & lifestyle products!


Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! It’s always too short isn’t it? Adam and I had a super relaxing weekend, though very much needed. I had an awesome visit from my  brother Saturday night and I introduced him to gluten free fried chicken, which he absolutely loved. It was super delicious.. and I’m…

Eating Gluten Free: Will you really lose weight?


There’s something that bothers me so much that I could go on for hours ranting about it. Maybe even days. And that certain something is the popularity of being gluten free. It’s not the fact that more companies are coming out with gluten free foods or that more people are finding out they have Celiacs…