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Making In-School Holiday Parties Safe For Kids


I remember when I was younger, and I’m thinking back quite a-ways to preschool years, but hear me out, I still remember this… I was born and raised a vegetarian until about the age of 5 when advertising got to me and I HAD to  have a McDonalds Chicken McNugget Happy Meal with a toy…

{Video Alert} Tips for Celebrating the Holidays When You Have Food Allergies


If you’re celebrating a holiday or another occasion (wither you’re hosting it or someone else is) and aren’t sure what to do, here are 3 tips so you don’t feel left out or get cross-contaminated! Get your holiday ham list here: Holiday Allergy Free Ham List Get your holiday turkey list here: Holiday Allergy Free…

Halloween-o-Rama: Allergen Free Monster Brownie Bites


So last night I finally ordered my Halloween costume (well, parts of it) on Amazon. I’m just so excited! The countdown begins and Halloween is less than 1 week away! It’s good I’m going to get my hair done tonight because I couldn’t show up to my party looking like I do for the character…

3 Easy-Peasy Allergen Free Halloween Party Tips


As you may know from reading my 2011 Allergen Free Halloween Candy List, Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love dressing up, and any excuse to party is down with me. This year I’m being… ooh… you didn’t really think I was going to give away my halloween costume…

2011 Allergen Free Halloween Candy List!


I love Halloween. I love dressing up in fun costumes and having parties and eating lots of cand— oh, wait… being allergen free isn’t the same when it comes to Trick-or-Treating. There’s lots and lots of candies out there that are on the no-no list. Especially if you’re allergic to dairy or soy (that nixes…