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How to Wrap Presents Better Than Martha Stewart


One of my very first jobs (yes, the one where I met my now fiance Adam at), was working at a small department store in the area. We weren’t particularly busy all the time, but during the holidays we got SWAMPED.Our store had free gift wrap available for any and all gifts you purchased in…

Making In-School Holiday Parties Safe For Kids


I remember when I was younger, and I’m thinking back quite a-ways to preschool years, but hear me out, I still remember this… I was born and raised a vegetarian until about the age of 5 when advertising got to me and I HAD to  have a McDonalds Chicken McNugget Happy Meal with a toy…

Allergy Free Gift Ideas Perfect For Everyone In Your Life


There’s one thing about the holidays that I dread the most. It’s not the incessant Holiday music that plays over and over again wherever you go – the mall, the grocery store, the gas station…. on and on and on… It’s not the time Adam and I spend running around and around over the holidays…

Looking For Gluten Free, Allergy Free Holiday Recipes?

*Image Courtesy of the Living Without Email I received on this Promo*

Living Without Magazine, only the go-to resource for people with food allergies, like me and probably you, has a fabulous email list and website. If you’ve been on it, you know that they always have great recipes, tips, and more. Though their magazine is a little pricey, it’s worth it if you’re not into coming…

Sip On This Allergy Free Drink: So Delicious Coconut Milk Has New Holiday Flavors!


I just got this email in my inbox: So Delicious.. the makers of the most amazing dairy-free coconut products I have EVER tasted (if you haven’t had their ice cream yet, get some today), has come out with two new flavors for the holiday. If I could get a Black Friday Special on this, I’d…

Indie Candy: Allergy Free Candy & Chocolate That Rocks My World – Perfect For Holiday Gifts!

Allergy free truffles - Mouth watering huh? *Image courtesy of Indie Candy

A few weeks ago when I put out my Halloween Allergy Free Safe Candy List, I was contacted by Indie Candy to inform me that their chocolates and candies were completely free of the Top 8 Food Allergens. I had never heard of the company, so I was super curious. Chocolate I can eat… free of…