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{Recipe Alert} Healthy, Gluten Free Baked Fish & Chips (the fries are free of all 8 allergens)


I can’t tell you the last time I  had a fish stick. Not only because they’re typically filled with unhealthy bad-for-you fish and preservatives, but because they’re rarely ever gluten free. So I decided it was about time Adam and I enjoyed our own gluten free and grease free version of the dish. I don’t…

{5min Recipe Alert} Sweet & Salty Lemon Kale Greens


ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT!!! Happy Leap Day! I kept forgetting that Leap Day was coming up… and everyone kept reminding me, soooo I’m reminding you! What are you going to do on this extra day of the year?! Personally, I think everyone should get off work on Leap Year Day (is that how it’s…

{Recipe Alert} Allergy Free, Gluten Free Rice Stuffing


I have a confession to make. Please don’t tell anyone. Before I was forced to eat allergy free, gluten free stuffing and well… when I could stuff myself with any disgusting food I found (no, I don’t mean like, roadkill or anything, though eating all those gross preservatives in food is probably just as bad),…