Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!

I have some exciting wedding news to update you on! Tomorrow 3 of my 4 bridesmaids will  be here along with my mom and aunt to go WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!!!!!! AHH!!

I’m so excited, but a little freaked out at the same time, can’t really decide if it’s really happening and kind of wishing that I could just go shopping on my own and pick a dress.. I’m like that, I like to go by myself or with one person when I shop, but I think this will end up being a lot of fun. A few weeks ago I actually went to one salon with my mom and found a beautiful amazing dress that I love, but there’s still one dress remaining that I HAVE to try on before I make any major decisions and I’m doing that tomorrow!!! I can’t wait.

And thus is the reason for today’s post…

You know I LOVE to feed people, so of course we’re starting out at the first salon tomorrow at 10am so I have to feed everyone breakfast!

To start we’re having gluten, dairy, and soy free sticky buns. I can’t even tell you the last time I had a sticky bun so I’m ECSTATIC and then we’re having fun champagne cocktails. That’s the way I like to start out my morning when I’m doing something bridal!

It makes me feel (and I’m sure makes my bridesmaids feel) a little more special… It’s a special day!

Oh, you probably want to see the dress I’ve been waiting to try on for EVER… this one I’m probably going to be trying on same time as right now tomorrow!!!!!!!! Well, that’s when the email about this post went out (10am East Coast time), so if you’re reading this post after you got the email that will make sense.

Here’s the dress!

dress2 Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!

dress3 Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!

It’s so beautiful. I love it so much, but you know how things are when you try them on.. they never look the same and you change your mind and who knows. Ooh and it’s a two part dress.. so without the lace it’s just as beautiful and it looks like this.. ooh la la!!

allure bridal 8764 01 Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!

And I wanted to get a little tan, but I didn’t have time to go and get a little tan so I’ll probably look SO ghostly and I’m trying on gowns.. ahhhh!

Can’t stress myself out… haha that’s why I have mimosas!

Anyway… here’s the cocktail recipe I’m having tomorrow – I suggest you use this for situations like the above or just to have fun outdoor parties and events and get togethers, or mix them and have a few when you’re cleaning.. my favorite thing to do. You deserve to spoil yourself sometimes. icon smile Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!

First thing you’ll want to do is put some strawberries in your glass. Nothing is better than champagne with strawberries.

champagne strawberry Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!

Next, you’ll want to add 1 ounce of Grand Marnier and 3/4 an ounce of Bourbon. Pour in your Brut champagne and serve! It’s delicious and wickedly strong. Perfect for bridal shopping. Classy and delicious. icon smile Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue! Now I’m off.. Better run around the block to lose a few LBs before the big day!

OR, even what I like to do for those who love champagne cocktails, but who don’t want something so strong is to mix 1 ounce of orange juice, 1 ounce of cranberry juice, and then pour in your champagne. Garnish with a lemon or strawberries and serve like below (though, you know I’ll be drinking the above or something similar tomorrow). Wish me luck!

chmpagne Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!


signature Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!







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2 Responses to Delightful Cocktails to Tickle Your Tongue!
  1. Stunning dress! I’m sure you’ll know right away if it will work for you or not and since you already found another one you love, you’re good to go no matter what. ;-)

    I totally did not expect the bourbon in this champagne cocktail. Grand Marnier and strawberries … sure, but not bourbon. Intrigued!

    Good luck on all! Have fun, Lauren!


    • Haha anything I can get my bourbon or whiskey in I’m all for :)

      Thanks so much Shirley.. I’m SUPER excited and didn’t think I would be at first… you’re too kind and i wish I could post pics — ahh everyone will have to wait another year..

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