Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!

“My bags are packed… I’m ready to go.. I’m standing here outside your door… I hate to wake you up to say Goodbye…..”

I’m not leavin’ on a jet plane, but I am leaving in a few days time and I’m sure not as lonesome as John Denver was in the original song. I’m ecstatic!

My life is all packed up in boxes waiting to be taken out West and the only thing I have left to pack is my computer (obviously) and a few items we’ll need until then such as 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 forks.. haha you get the idea. We’re living with as few items as possible and I don’t even mind. Hey, I lived in LA for 6 months without a TV or microwave. I think I can handle anything.

I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that soon our lives will be 3000 miles away and we’ll be leaving all of this behind, but that’s okay… I’m excited for some new adventures. And of course, I’m most excited for the new restaurants and experiences.. what a foodie.. Adam always says I’m a fat person living in a thin body and I think he’s completely right.

phillies Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!

Adam and I at our last Phillies game! He snapped this photo while I had hotdog in my mouth... so nice haha

Last night Adam and I headed to our very last Phillies game during dollar dog night. They even have dollar dogs that are gluten free – who can beat that?! And Adam gets them too because he says they taste so much better than the regular ones they have… HA!

hotdog Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!

They look good, huh? They freaking are!! Don’t pay attention to what looks like dirt in my thumbnail.. it’s really black food coloring for a grooms cake I’m making this week.. eek!

Today kicks off Celiac Awareness Month and I’m going to be posting a lot about different gluten free foods, and other foods of course, that you should check out, try.. you know, that kind of thing. And then on Sunday (yep, this sunday) we officially leave Pennsylvania so I hope you’ll follow my trip on the way out west. I’m sure there are a lot of crazy experiences and things that will happen along the way.

Well, if I’m able to connect with Internet and post them that is!

But before we  begin all that craziness, I want to share with you an awesome gluten and allergy free food I’ve had in my cabinet for quite some time now because I’m actually addicted to them. Crunchmaster crackers.

They have their Multi-Seed and Multi-Grain crackers I’m going to be talking about, which have packaging like this (so you can spot them in the store when you’re looking)…

crunchmaster Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!And then they have their 7 Ancient Grains Crackers I’m going to be talking about…

7grain01 Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!Both are pretty awesome. I discovered the Multi-Seed Crackers a few months ago when my uncle’s girlfriend brought a HUGE club sized box from BJs over to my house because she had actually found gluten free crackers in bulk, which is totally awesome because you can save some cash and you’re going to want these in bulk because they’re just that good.

I’ve had every flavor they have out of the Multi-Seed, Multi-Grain, and the 7 Ancient Grain crackers (even the ones with soy in them because I ate them before I had that intolerance) and every single flavor was awesome. Here are just a sampling of their flavors for you to check out:

  • Multi-Seed Original
  • Multi-Seed Rosemary & Olive Oil
  • Multi-Seed Roasted Garlic
  • Multi-Seed Toasted Onion
  • Multi-Grain Sea Salt
  • Multi-Grain Roasted Vegetable
  • Multi-Grain White Cheddar
  • 7 Ancient Grain Hint of Sea Salt
  • 7 Ancient Grain Cracked Pepper & Herb

If you want my honest opinion though, the Multi-Grain Roasted Vegetable crackers are where it’s at. They seriously taste like pizza combos and I ate the entire bag within 2 days. I really couldn’t stop myself! Thanks Crunchmaster, making me go to the gym and work off all the delicious crackers I scarfed down. icon smile Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!

Trying, trying, trying to be better about snacking, but its oh so hard when there are so many great gluten free foods out there now!

What I love about Crunchmaster though is that they have such a wide range of flavors. Both kinds are great to snack on or to top with cheeses, spreads, dips, you name it. Personally, I like to top the 7 Ancient Grain crackers since their seasonings are much lighter and subtle and then I like to scarf down the multi seed and grain crackers as fast as possible because I love the flavors and just can’t stop eating them!

To kick off Celiac Awareness month though, I’d like to have a super fun giveaway so you can enjoy Crunchmaster as much as I do!!

If you visit their site, you’ll see that many of their crackers are free of many of the top 8 allergens so don’t worry if you think they’re only gluten free icon smile Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!

multiGrain02 Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!

My favorite Crunchmaster Crackers. What's yours? Or, what do you want to try the most?

Want to win Crunchmaster Crackers? Here’s your chance!

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14 Responses to Happy Celiac Awareness Month & Crunchmaster Cracker Giveaway!
  1. Kaitlyn

    I would love to try the roasted vegetable flavor. I can only find the multi grain sea salt and they are my favorite crackers!!! I agree they are so addicting! I have been wanting to try the other multi grain flavors for a while but have been unable to find them.

    • Katilyn,

      Try asking for the other flavors at the grocery stores you go to. A lot of times once you ask, they’ll start ordering!! :)

  2. Kaitlyn

    I am in you email list:)

  3. Shari H

    I would love to try to 7 Ancient Grains Cracked Pepper and Herb – I used to love the pepper and olive oil flavored Triscuits, when I was able to eat them, so I think these would be perfect.

  4. Shari H

    I already am on the email list!

  5. Shari H

    I “like” both your page and Crunchmaster on FB!

  6. julie

    I would like to try the roasted vegetable, I already love the original

  7. julie

    I like you and crunchmaster on facebook

  8. Jayne Koch

    I am on your email list. Rosemary olive oil sounds great but can’t find many varieties here.

  9. Jayne Koch

    I Like you on facebook

  10. Jayne Koch

    I liked crunchmaster

  11. Mary

    I’ve tried the originals before. The other flavors sound great but they aren’t at any stores I go to :(

    • Mary, if you request the other flavors in your grocery stores, they can order them for you.. the more you ask for new foods, the better they will be about getting them in. I know lots of friends who have done this so hopefully they’ll start carrying more flavors soon :)

  12. Nancy

    I would like to try the 7 grain salted. I haven’t seen them in our stores yet. I did like crunchmaster & already like you on facebook.

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