It’s time to Celebrate! Easy Mardi Gras Party Ideas

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time to move on to even more February Holidays that are hitting us this year! I say that because we have one extra holiday this February – Leap Year!!! I’m not talking about that today, but one of the most fun holidays to celebrate, especially since you can eat lots of yummy food, is Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras may not be a hugely popular holiday, but it’s still fun to celebrate.

No, you don’t have to flash anyone for beads and get drunk out of your mind to have fun, but you can throw a little New Orleans themed party with delicious foods (more on that coming next Tuesday – I have a fab recipe for you), lots of purple, yellow, and green, and some lively music.

I pulled together some images I found that can easily enhance any party you throw, even if its just a small get together with family.

mardi gras1 Its time to Celebrate! Easy Mardi Gras Party Ideas

1. Mardis Gras Cupcakes as seen on To make these, just get a simple allergy free batter such as Better Batter and separate the batter into 3 bowls after making. Color one bowl purple with food dye and the other green with food dye. Leave the last bowl as is. When you fill your cupcake pans, fill 1/3 of the pan with each colored dye, but do not mix. Bake and ice!

2. Lavender Jimmies from Layer Cake Shop – though Im not sure if they’re soy free, gotta find out!

3. Allergy Free Virgin & Alcoholic Hurricanes from – they were invented in New Orleans, did you know that?

4. I own this chandelier from Urban Outfitters and I saw someone put it on Pinterest and said it looks like Mardi Gras and I agree.. I LOVE it!

5. Of course beads, beads, beads! Put them in bowls, lay them on tables, hang them from lamps, put them on guests! You can’t have a party without beads! And no, you don’t need to flash anyone to get them.. let’s keep this party PG13 – well, unless you WANT to go crazy… but that’s all you…

6.Mardi Gras cookies from Life’ You can get cookie cutters like this here!

Happy Mardi Gras!

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