Moving Has Begun & 3 Tips For Eating Out Allergy Free!

The time is here and the time is now… I feel like a little like Dr. Seuss today, not sure why, but it’s fitting.

Adam and I picked up our truck yesterday…

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We packed it full of our entire life. Said “Goodbye” to Manayunk, the place I’ve lived for the past 5 years and Adam 2…

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A view from the street I used to live on...

And then drove away…

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It’s weird to think your whole life could fit into one 16 foot truck, but there it is… everything fit (minus all the stuff we of course sold), but to have the contents of your life in there, it’s just weird.

Though I’m not complaining. I’m more than ecstatic to be leaving and driving across the country to start our new lives together, but I have to be a little reflective. It’s 11pm on Friday night and I’m also super tired so that makes me a little less sarcastic than usual.

The only bad thing about moving is that Adam and I have been eating out a LOT! So much. It’s not bad because I love to try new restaurants and food and all my meals have been with good friends I have to sadly say goodbye to, but I’m sure my waistline doesn’t with all the gluten and allergy free pizza, hot dogs, cheese fries, burgers, you name it.. that I’ve been consuming mixed with celebratory alcohol.

There are a lot of people who tell me they’re afraid to eat out because of their allergies or they’re afraid of being cross contaminated, but here are 3 tips I always go by.

1. Use FindMeGlutenFree (it’s FREE!) - If you’re like everyone else in the world, you carry your phone with you everywhere you go. If you’re like me, maybe you make your fiance or husband carry THEIR phone everywhere and you make them download and install this app so you can use it wherever you go (I forget my phone everywhere so it’s important Adam also has this app installed for me to use when I need it haha).

Find Me Gluten Free is an extensive and FREE (who doens’t love FREE!) app you can download on your phone or check out on their online site to find a list of gluten free restaurants in your area along with reviews, pictures, price range, location, and more.

What I love the most about this app is you can set up your search parameters so you can search for any restaurant in the area with gluten free items, you can search for chains (or not), and you can search for only restaurants with dedicated gluten free menus (or not).

It’s going to be the only app I use during my journey across the country and I use it every single time I travel or want to go out to eat. Especially when you’re traveling and aren’t sure where to go, this app is perfect and I’m sure you’re going to hear a lot more about it because I can’t help bur rave!

Make sure to also check out my restaurant reviews and review restaurants yourself to let everyone know what you think about your favorite eateries!

For more information about Find Me Gluten Free:

2. Call the restaurant ahead of time or talk to your server/the chef before ordering - If you’re worried about eating out, make a simple call to the restaurant in advance to see if they can accommodate you and your allergies.

Can’t call ahead? Then ask your server when you sit down and even ask to speak to the chef if it will make you feel more comfortable. They do this everywhere in Disney and it makes everything so much easier and less stressful.

And if you don’t feel comfortable after speaking with your server or the staff, this leads into the next tip…

3. Leave if you don’t feel comfortable! – A lot of people feel awkward or weird leaving a restaurant after they’ve sit down, ordered drinks and started to look at the menu. But if you get weird vibes from the staff and are worried they don’t know enough about your allergies or what to do to ensure there is no cross-contamination… JUST LEAVE!

Don’t feel bad. It’s your life and your health and you need to take charge because no one else will. A lot of restaurants don’t know enough about food allergies and it’s sad, but just stay away at all costs. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now I’m off to a wedding tomorrow, even more meals with friends and family, and then we’re OFF!! Keep up with my journey on FindMeGlutenFree’s Facebook page and check out all my restaurant reviews if you’re in any of the areas I’ll be!

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