Planning your next allergen free event and some excitement to look forward to…

I know, I promised I was going to make a cupcake video last week, but after recording it I realized that I wanted to make it 1000x better than what I had originally intended so I’ve put off recording for just a little bit.

Plus, it’s been SO hot and disgusting here in Philly that the cupcakes didn’t turn out how I wished.  Unfortunately, they all sank a bit in the middle.  But hey, it happens… especially with heavy gluten free ingredients.  So I’m going to put off the cupcakes for a bit and will come back at you with some pretty cool stuff instead.

This weekend I spent a little bit of time celebrating that Lauren David Style is finally an OFFICIAL business!  If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, then you wouldn’t know that last week I received all my paperwork from the state and am finally ready to start business and get products up!  WOO HOO!!

My first party and event product is almost ready for your eyes, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of my inspiration board to get a little idea of what will be coming very soon…

summer board Planning your next allergen free event and some excitement to look forward to...

Think fun bright colors, flowers, and fun!  I’m excited and you should be too… so keep an eye out…

This weekend I also attended my very first ever Gluten Free Meetup event in the Philadelphia area.  It was SO GOOD to meet people who are just like me, struggling to find normalcy in a gluten filled world.  It’s really getting better with all the products available, but still when you go to a party or a restaurant or an event, it’s SO hard to know what to eat and what not to (which is why I usually bring my rice cakes and pbutter with me everywhere I go, but you can’t survive on that)!

But I enjoyed a hotdog (well, a tofu dog) with a bun for the FIRST TIME in over a year!! haha  Sounds pathetic, but it’s the simple things that make me happy.

Speaking of simple, that leads me to the one party tip I wanted to talk about today.  Which is, you don’t have to make your get-togethers complicated!  You really don’t need to overdo it, especially when it comes to decorating.  Sometimes the best parties and events you may hold are ones you plan the day of where you just invite friends over for good conversation and snacks.

I like to make sure I keep a bright colored, yet inexpensive, cloth table cloth, paper plates, and decorative lights in my house at all times because you can so easily pull together a party in a minute with them – just throw down the table cloth, pull out some dip, chips, and veggies, and hang the lights around a window or drape them on your table and voila!

If you want to get really snazzy you can even keep some fun ice cube shapes in the fridge along with some Instant Cold Brew ice tea bags and you’ve got yourself a fun drink (even if you ran out of alcohol).

Now off to create some event planning video tips for you coming soon!  If you liked this blog, then like it below and leave me some comment love! <3



kiss Planning your next allergen free event and some excitement to look forward to...

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