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Living with food allergies or sensitivities isn’t easy, regardless whether you were just diagnosed, think you may have them but aren’t sure, or if you’ve been living with them for years.

  • It can be scary sending your kids off to school or to a friend’s birthday party not knowing if you’ll get a call later that day that they’ve had a reaction.
  • It can be upsetting when you take a bite of something you could have sworn was safe and end up in the hospital or curled up into a ball later that day.
  • Relaxing trips with loved ones can be more of a hassle than a fun event you look forward to.
  • Parties and holidays with friends and family can make you feel uneasy or left out.
  • Finding simple, cost-effective allergy free and gluten free recipes and foods can be a painful time-waster!
  • And the risks and stress of cross-contamination can follow you for your entire life.

I know what it’s like. I live it every day of my life because I have food sensitivities of my own! It took me a really long time and a lot of trial and error to discover the foods, products, services, and resources out there that were delicious, valuable, and trustworthy. So I’ve decided to solve that problem.


Introducing… Lauren David Style’s Allergy Free Survival Kit!

survivalkit Survival Kit

This is the place where you can sign up to receive your own complimentary Allergy Free Survival kit (pay only a small S&H fee, which we make NO profit on) containing goodies from top allergy free companies and resources hand picked and selected for your enjoyment.

This kit contains amazing surprises such as:

  • Delicious, mouth-watering samples
  • Money saving coupons
  • Information on how to make living with food allergies and sensitivities simple
  • The valuable and trustworthy print newsletter
  • Yummy and simple recipes
  • Fabulous safe-for-use skincare & makeup to make you glow
  • Tips to lower your stress levels and keep you and your family safe
  • And so much more!

Not sure if the kit will have stuff you can use?  Don’t worry! This kit is perfect for this with allergies or sensitivities to:

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Gluten
  • Peanuts
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Tree Nuts
  • Wheat
  • Sesame
  • And More! (not sure if it will apply to you? Shoot me an email lauren [at] and I’d be happy to answer any questions)

There is over $100 worth of goodies, valuable information, samples, coupons, and more in the kit. Yet, because I want to make it simple for you to access all of the information you need to live a happy and healthy allergy free life, it’s free!

All you pay is priority shipping & handling of the kit at $19.95 (it was the lowest I could persuade USPS to let me ship it for because this baby is packed full of stuff and super heavy!!) and you’ll be rolling in allergy free amazingness.

1995ship1 Survival Kit
BUT hurry! The first to sign up receive some very special bonuses!

The first 23 to sign up for the kit will also receive these FAST ACTION bonuses:

  • Immediate shipment of their allergy free survival kit (48hrs after purchase)
  • Luxurious allergy free soap samples from Green Street Luxuries
  • GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Sunbutter & Crackers Meal

go picnic bonus Survival Kit

 The first 100 to sign up for the kit will receive these FAST ACTION bonuses:

  • Immediate shipment of their allergy free survival kit (48hrs after purchase)
  • Luxurious allergy free soap samples from Green Street Luxuries

Everyone will receive this valuable bonus:

  •’s Allergy Free print newsletter First Issue full of information, tips, recipes, stories, advice, samples, coupons, giveaways, interviews, discounts, and more! The newsletter also benefits allergy free research and the continuing developing of allergy free programs and options for restaurants, events, amusement parks, etc…

LDS1 Survival Kit

1995ship1 Survival Kit


Disclaimer: Lauren David Style, LLC nor the participants and companies included in the Allergy Free Survival Kit are responsible for any allergic reactions due to any samples, contents, information, recipes, or advice taken advice from the kit. Make sure to read all food labels and recipes before consuming everything and if you are unsure, call the manufacturers to make sure their foods are safe to eat.

Offer valid to U.S. residents only. Kit contents subject to change without notice.

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