Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

IMG 02281 200x300 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?If you know me well enough, you know that calling up my friends on the phone or taking them to lunch to ask them, “Will you be my bridesmaid” just wouldn’t suffice.

I had to do something special to ask them, especially since so many of them live far away! So I decided to create little surprises boxes (Alice in Wonderland themed of course because I’ve been obsessed since I was little) to ask them to join me on my special day.

I have 1 amazing Maid of Honor and 3 amazing Bridesmaids and this is what I purchased for the boxes:
@ Joanns:

  • Wooden cigar boxes
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Felt
  • Jewelry wire
  • Flower stickers
  • Mini metal keys
@the liquor store:
  • Mini bottles of liquor (different liquor for each bridesmaid depending on their preferences)
@the grocery store:
  • Unsweetened tea bags for different spiked tea recipes (using the liquors above)
  • Gourmet chocolate bars


  • Antique looking cardstock paper to print on and to create handmade stencils for all of the painting I did on the boxes
@Home Depot:
  • Paint chips to show my wedding colors
What I already had:
  • Xacto knife
  • Mat board (to cut on)
  • Ink in my printer
  • Font I used – Dutch & Harley (a free font I got off of a free font website)
  • Flower hole punch
  • Embroidery thread
  • Paint chips for my wedding colors
  • Inspiration pictures for wedding dresses, colors, etc…

This is how they turned out…. from what they’ve told me, my bridesmaids LOVED them! icon smile Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


IMG 0227 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

The outside of the box with everyone’s name.

IMG 0233 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I wrapped all the boxes in ribbon and put an “OPEN ME” tag on them with a key.. like in Alice in Wonderland! icon smile Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

IMG 0234 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?



IMG 02281 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Here you can see everything included in the box… Something that says “EAT ME,” Something that says “DRINK ME,” a little dress I made that says, “WEAR ME” and then cards that talked about my wedding, the colors, paint chips, bridesmaid dress inspiration…

IMG 0232 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Here’s a better look at everything in the box. I painted the entire box in my wedding colors and glittered the name on the front a bit along with the bottom of the box with the off-white antique paint.

IMG 0231 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Just what all bridesmaids need (and brides) – chocolate and BOOZE!

IMG 0229 Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I’m also creating something similar for my flower girls (you can check out what I made my flower girls here!!) .. It took a lot of time to make but was TOTALLY worth it… and it really didn’t take as long as it looks!

Also, if anyone knows of any adorable light blue Alice in Wonderland tea dresses I can purchase for my rehearsal dinner, please let me know!

I know it’s over a year and a half out (June 15, 2013) but you can ever be too prepared and all the dresses I’ve found lately have been too costumey! icon sad Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

kiss Will You Be My Bridesmaid?




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35 Responses to Will You Be My Bridesmaid?
    • Super Cute!!! Thank you so much! I’m in LOVE with the one from Blue Feather Style.. I think we have a winner :)

      • Lyndzii

        of course! glad i could help. that one was my favorite too :) i hope you have a fabulous wedding!

  1. Thank you! Good I have a long time to plan for my wedding.. lots of ideas. Have a great week!

  2. This is SO cute!! xx

  3. Sara

    I love these, definitely going to start making these for my bridesmaids asap! What did you put in the flower girl one?

    • Thanks Sara! I’m going to post pics of the flower girls ones soon, but here’s what I put in them:

      - I wrote a note similar to the notes I put in this one just asking my flower girls to join me in my wedding, said I was really excited, told them about what I put in the box, etc…
      - I created a little card that said “Will You Be My Flower Girl, Check One” and then underneath it had a box that said next to it, “Of Course I’ll be Your Flower girl!” To the left I placed bride and groom clip art and wrote, “Color in the picture to let us know what you want us to look like on our big day!”
      - Then I went to the craft store and got some ribbon, fake flowers, and rhinestones and hot glued them all together to make a flower girl headband… or a necklace, bracelet, etc.. Since it was just made from ribbon they can really use it for whatever they want
      - I made and iced some flower girl sugar cookies
      - I put in the same felt dress with the hanger and the Wear Me Tag
      - For the flower girls I went to Ross and got a larger box and painted it (the store was out of Cigar ones when I went). The only problem was that the boxes were textured , but theyre still cute!
      - I wrapped them the same way and used the same “Open Me, Wear Me, Eat Me” tags
      - I lined these with florist moss bc the boxes were lined with a weird fabric. The only prob was that I had to let the moss air out for a week or so outside bc it smelled like moss…


  4. Amanda

    What do those cards say that you included? (the dreaded dress, your part, the big day, etc)


    • Hi Amanda,

      I didn’t include the text because I wrote it in my own words to my girls. Basically, here’s what I put:

      The Big day (this was what they would have read FIRST) – I wrote, As you already know.. Adam and I are getting married.. I basically talked up the wedding.. said we were all going to have an amazing time and that it was going to be SO MUCH fun. And then this is where I said, I couldn’t do it without you and Adam and I asked the most special people in our live to join us, Will you be my bridesmaid (or maid of honor)

      The Dreaded Dress – I told them that I had included some pictures and color for inspiration and that I promised I wouldn’t have them wear anything they didn’t want to wear. As long as the dresses are close enough in color, they can wear a dress theyve had for years and I wouldn’t mind.. and I told them that, along with the fact that I want them to wear something they CAN wear again.

      Your part – I just wrote something up telling them what their job entails. A lot of my bridesmaids live far away so in this section I told them that I wanted them to join in whatever they felt comfortable joining in.. obviously I want them at the wedding, but if they couldn’t make it to dress fittings, showers, etc.. then I understood.. and I explained that Adam and I would try to cover as much of the cost as we could because we understand that being in weddings can be expensive.

      The big day – this was short and sweet. wrote the date, the time, and the location. I told them we were keeping it intimate, how many people we were inviting, how the ceremony and reception would take place (it’s all at the same location).

      Hope this helped!!

  5. Amanda

    Awesome! Thank you! Have you made the flower girl ones yet? Our daughter is going to be our flower girl/mini bride, but we do have one underage bridesmaid and 2 jr bridesmaids.

  6. Rosy

    GORGEOUS! Bravo! L-o-v-e it. Thank you for sharing! Q’s: 1) Did you buy the tags or make them w/the card stock paper? 2) The “open me” on the tags, did you hand-write that? Congrats & best of luck to you!

    • Thank you so much Rosy!! Glad you like.. I wanted to make something special for my bridesmaids and I still send them little surprise packages sometimes. As for your questions, 1. I made the tags with cardstock. I just printed all the words out and then cut them into tag shapes and used a hole punch. Then, I glued the card stock to the pretty glitter paper to make them more exciting. 2. I didn’t handwrite anything. I have such ugly writing! I actually downloaded a font called Dutch & Harley. You can get it as a free download at dafont.com. Here’s the link: http://www.dafont.com/dutch-harley.font

      I used the same font for when I painted my bridesmaids names on the top. I just used carstock, printed their names out in that font, used an Xacto to cut out the words and then stenciled on..

  7. These came out so great! I love the alice in wonderland theme–also one of my favorites. I made my own version for my bridespeople, if you’d like to take a look!


    • Thanks Diana! Very cute! I love the boxes you used too.. did you put anything inside other than the note?

  8. I love your idea.

  9. Gabby

    Hey! Love the idea-did you mail them? I’m nervous about the liquor bottles breaking since I have to ship them.

    • Thank you Gabby! Yes, I mailed 2 of them… I just put a little tissue paper in the box and then wrapped the box in bubble wrap. Sent one priority mail and one via UPS and they got there fine! Good luck and congrats on the engagement :)

  10. Arielle

    Did you create one for groomsmen? I have been looking to help my future husband out when he chooses his groomsmen.

    • Arielle, I wanted to make one for the groomsmen, but my fiance and his groomsmen are all Marines and he wasn’t interested haha. And I got the feeling that it was his own special man thing to ask his groomsmen in his own way, so I didnt get involved… Congrats on the engagement!

  11. Ashley

    This is such a cute idea!! I am doing something similar for my girls too since they all live in different towns. I was wondering if you did anything different for the Maid of Honor’s box?
    Great idea and pictures. Congrats and have fun wedding planning! :)

    • Thank you Ashley! Sorry for the delay – summer has been pretty crazy. The only thing I did differently for the Maid of Honor’s box was ask them to be my Maid of Honor on the paper instead of bridesmaid and then I got her a really cute book about bring a Maid of Honor. For all the boxes, I used different alcohol I knew were my bridesmaids fav.

  12. Bridesmaid

    So I have seen ton of “bride ” focused ideas to ask people to be a part of their special day…but no where have i seen the bridesmaids cute responses.
    My friend made a sweet card filled with fun memories and asked me to be by her side..enclosed with a pic of her and a cute chalkboard with “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on it.
    She said to reply with my answer by sending a picture of my and my answer…
    I have a couple of ideas..but I want to do something sentimental/similar to her theme..but Fun/Creative..HELP!!!:)

    • Hi Katie,

      Sorry for the delay! Have you come up with a fun bridesmaid idea? I saw one where the person sent a card and ask the bridesmaid/invitee/etc to answer back by drawing in a blank space.. either a picture, word, phrase, etc and then they displayed the answers at their wedding (this was done for actual wedding invites).

      If your friends live close send them a fun package with stuff they love or you love in it. I saw you can also send balloons so they pop out of the box when someone opens it. May be fun too!

  13. Lauren

    Hey Lauren so I’m getting married Septemember 21 2013 ! Your ideas are so great! I would love to chat and bouce ideas off eachother! Would you mind?

  14. anel

    hi have u got pics or words that r written on the cards? Thanks!

  15. Amanda Rose

    I love your bridesmaid box idea!! :)

    Are you looking for a calligrapher for your wedding?

  16. elarenee89

    How cool is this!! I want to do this for our wedding in May 2014. Im so glad I ran across your blog. I am also having an alergen free wedding for me atleast. We have to find a way to get our cake and food Dairy free for my horrid allergy! So glad I found your blog. now i have bridal invite ideas and recipes for dinner lol :D oh and to top it off im marrying a Marine who is also not interested in making boxes for his Marine buddies lol. Thanks for the blog!


    • Haha thanks for the comment Ang. We sound a lot alike. My caterers were VERY accommodating to my allergies so luckily you find someone who’s just as awesome to do your wedding. Best wishes for your wedding xoxo – L

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  18. Gabi

    Hi i love this idea and looking at doing somthing similar myself. I was just wondering how you did the “i cant say i do without you” bit? Is it a stencil? Im pretty new to craft (since i got engaged) but i am suprising myself on my abilities however i just need shoves in the right direction! Haha, thanks! x

    • Hi Gabi,

      Good luck making them. I actually made my own stencils by picking a font I liked, downloading it, printing it out on cardstock, and I then used an Xacto knife to create a stencil.

      Best Wishes on your wedding & engagement :)


  19. [...] saw a pin on Pinterest awhile back and it linked to lauren.david.style’s blog here.  I fell in love with the idea of packaging all the details and knick-knacks about the wedding [...]

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